Serverless Architecture

  • what is serverless
  • serverless offerings from major cloud providers
  • Use cases for web applications
  • Future of serverless

What is Serverless ??

Serverless Offerings

Now let’s see what are the different service offerings provided by the different cloud platforms. So I am picking up the three major ones the AWS cloud Google cloud platform and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

Example :

To Understand more on these concepts, let’s try with the Use case for creating and hosting web application in AWS.

Serverless is a FUTURE

As day by day the serverless framework is getting evolved you might be able to see more and more tools getting added to this particular cloud native landscape. I would say serverless is going to be the future because most of us would like to save cost in running compute so for us serverless plays a major role in achieving these by leveraging the cloud native platform capabilities with reducing the cost. I hope you learned something new as always.



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