Message buses and queues are a powerful tool for communicating between applications they are used extensively in microservices. But they can be useful in larger applications as well. In this article we’re going to look at how to implement azure service bus queues into our applications to both send and receive messages.

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Before making our hands dirty let’s understand what is Azure service bus with real time example.

let’s pretend that our sender is a website that captures information about Employees so employee can come in here to log in and create account and it’s going to email you and…

Garbage collectors and memory management go hand in hand in every object-oriented language. As a developer, getting to know how memory management works behind the scenes is really important. Let’s try to understand how the garbage collector helps to distribute and retain memory over the lifecycle of an application.

Garbage collector (GC) serves as an automatic memory manager. The garbage collector manages the allocation and release of memory for an application. When a class object is created at runtime, certain memory space is allocated to it in the heap memory. …

When I started working on the transformation project from Monolith to Microservice, the challenge I faced was how to authenticate users on a distributed microservice framework.All you need to know is who the users are, right?And do your micro service know what they can do?

When you make a request to a Micro Service, how does microservice know who you are and whether to accept this request or not. In this post we will try to understand how to authenticate and authorize requests we make to Micro Services.

First let’s try to understand what is Authentication and Authorization.

Authentication is…

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